The Online Grievance Redressal Tracking System (OGRTS) is a web based application to support call center for PHED Dept in the State of Rajasthan. It being developed &implemented by Centre for Good Governance (CGG), Hyderabad, for redressal of citizen grievances. SMS (Short Messaging Services) technologies are adopted for communication across functionaries and citizens duly taking the citizen charter of PHED Dept into consideration. This is only one of its kinds of m-government initiatives under Mission Mode projects of State Government.

Steps Involved Service channels

1. Registering a Grievance: Citizen register grievances using any of the service channel. As far as internet is concerned, a web based application with customized home page is provided for all citizens.

Via Telephone (Call centre), Web and Mobile

2. Automatic forwarding to the functionary: The registered complaints automatically forwarded to the respective functionary of PHED dept on both the modes SMS and internet application (based on privileges)

SMS, Internet

3. Automatic escalation as per citizen charter: Timelines are defined as per citizen charter and stored in the database. These timelines are tracked in the backend and escalates as per the charter.

SMS, Internet

4. Updation of action taken: The functionary updates the action taken using either of the modes i.e., SMS/ internet

SMS, Internet

5. Knowing status: The citizen can see the status through any of the modes i.e., SMS, internet, email or Telephone to the call centre

SMS, Internet, email and Telephone